Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Room 14's Awesome Writing

In Room 14 we got to pick a World Cup sport that we wanted to write about. Every second day we were given a new part of a story that we had to carry on from. There were 4 parts to our story. They were: 

* Its the finals for the __________ World Cup, your coach has just given your team a pep talk in the locker room and you are ready to head out the doors and onto your stage...

*You're down 50-35 and its the last half of the game. Team momentum is at an all time low, it's up to you to give the last pep talk in hope that this will help to relight their fire and bring the team to victory. You huddle into a group...

*The crowds cheering, fireworks and cannons are exploding all around you, you look at the scoreboard only yo see you have beaten your opponents in the last few seconds. You drop to your knees...

*The stage is set and all eyes are on you as you hear your name called out over the speaker. Slowly you start moving towards the stage.

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