Monday, 15 September 2014

Netball World Cup Finals 2015 - Karmen

It was the start of the game. My heart was pounding! I screamed for the ball! All the kiwis wanted us to win. We were facing Australia and we couldn't let them win. Georgia went for the goal but...she missed. It was a brilliant day for netball. The whistle blew it was the end of the first quarter, half the team was in tears.

For the second quarter I was in GA. It was petrifying! The score was 5-0 to Aussie so the pressure was on us. Brooke was sprinting her heart out, when she twisted her ankle! We got the sub on, I was in the shooting area. I went for the shot, I got it. I accomplished my goal. I got subed off. 

Its the start of the 3rd quarter, I brung my team in for a pep talk and said "Ok now we are gonna win this, we have half an hour to win this. Our family is not here to see us loose they are here to see us win! Mistics on 3,1,2,3 MISTICS!" Australia was getting a goal one after another. The score was now 40-35 to Aussie. The whistle blew for the end of the 3rd quarter.

It was now the 4th quarter the pep talk kicked in. I had jingles in my stomach. We got another goal and another and ANOTHER! We celebrated on the court with knuckles.

We looked at the scoreboard. OMG! We won, we won! News reporters rushed over and asked me how I felt. I had to shout over the crowd they were like wild bulls! I replied "I'm exhausted to be honest I want to go home and jump into bed! But I'm over-joyed, I could leap over the moon. I'm so proud of myself!

Fireworks were being let off! Some fireworks looked like silver ferns. I was taking photos with my fans when one of the Australia players came and congratulated me. I replied with a friendly handshake and thank you thank you very much. We both laughed.

I heard the speaker shouting my name across the court! I asked Breeana "Me?" She replied "Yes you who else!" I was surprized! I walked slowly onto the stage. I thought to myself "Please don't make do a speech." I was treebling in fear, I didn't prepare a speech. Oh no!

They asked me to do a speech, my worst nightmare! "What am I gonna say!" I thought. I spoke into the mic. "Well this is unexpected! I know I'm captain but you could have warned me! Us Mistics have had some ups and downs but we got here in the end! Thank you." The trophy was huge! I showed everyone. Oh no we were late for lunch. We hurried into the changing room. I got changed.

That was the end of the 2015 Netball World Cup.
It was amaze-balls!

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