Monday, 15 September 2014

Netball World Cup - Brooke

we run out, the crowd is shouting our our name Mahora Kittow against Australia. I am so timid all 3000 seats fall.Most of them shouting Mahora Kittow. The whistle blows we throw the blows.

We get a goal. Australia gets a goal but we pull our socks up and get tree more goals. The score is 4-1 to us, we throw the ball we get another goal. The crowd cheers with joy! My ears tingle HORRIBLY!  

someone in our team start talking and saying "what we are doing is great,keep on doing what we are doing and we will win." But then i say we need to keep it up but do not slack because that's what we are doing or we are going to lose . team on 3... 1,2,3 team.'' 

the whistle blows, i look at the score board. WE WON! i group to my knees for a minute . i jump back up the crowd is going wild. I stand there smiling. Some of my team mates come and give me a hug. i start crying with joy. We stand there laughing we go and give the opposition a high five.

Yay! Its time for medals. we all look at each other. The first person in our team goes and gets called up to get there medal. we all clap, the crowd start clapping and shouting ''Mahora Kittow.'' The crowd jumps with applause. My name gets called out . I walk up to the stage and shake three peoples hands and then at last I get my medal. Our hole team gets a medal but karmen get the handed the cup. we all go and open the gates so the kid can get there t-shirt or something else singed from the teams.

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