Sunday, 9 March 2014

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports

On Monday 3rd March 2014 Mahora School had their swimming sports. We were kids were able to compete in width races and length races.

Some of the width races were running across the pool, freestyle, backstroke, flutter board, noodle and dolphin diving. For the length races we had; freestyle, backstroke, and breaststoke. The finalists from the length races had to compete in the championship races.

 The whole school ready to watch a final.

The Mahora kids all showed courage by entering in at least 3 events. For every event we entered, our house got a point. Many of the kids that sat on the side of the pool cheered and encouraged their teammates to keep going.

Karlin, Brock, Blake - Freestyle final.

By Brock


  1. Awesome Brock, I really enjoyed watching you race. My favourite part of the day was seeing how all the Mahora kids showed great team spirit by cheering each other on. Love Mum

  2. Thank you mum for commenting on my blog post. It was cool having you there to cheer me on. Love Brock