Monday, 10 March 2014


In week four of Term 1 the senior team went to Pandora Pond as part of an E.O.T.C (Education outside the classroom) trip. While we were at the pond we got to do lots of activities like; sailing, fishing, kayaking, an estuary walk, and beach art.

The yachts were practically ‘on the water’ bumper cars when we had hardly any wind. We all seemed to end up in the same place, going nowhere! When our sail caught the wind our little red, yellow and orange boats scooted all over the pond, darting to one end and back. We had to keep our boats facing into the wind if we wanted any chance of movement.
On our estuary walk we saw heaps of crabs, some fish and an eel! Our guide, Jake explained all about the estuary and how it had changed drastically over the years. It was fascinating to find out that before the Napier earthquake in 1931 the estuary stretched all the way out to the airport.
We had a fantastic time during our E.O.T.C week, we learnt a lot and developed our confidence in trying new things. Below is a slideshow of pictures that were taken while we were at Pandora Pond. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

By Brennan

E.O.T.C from Claire Bojesen-Trepka on Vimeo.

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