Monday, 10 March 2014

Iron Kids

On Friday 28th of February I entered a run called Iron Kids which was held in Taupo. My mum, my sister and I travelled up to Taupo the night before my race, after a good night sleep I was ready to rock! When I got there I was very nervous at first but when I got to the start line I felt fine. We had to do 3 laps of a course, all together the 3 laps make 2km.

Bang! Off we went. All I needed to do was keep a good pace and try to stay running. When I was on my last lap I stated to get the stich, I kept running but I was a bit slower. As I got to the red carpet that leads to the finish line I stated to sprint “YAY! I DID IT!” I received a medal from an iron man champion. I finished in 12 minutes.

I did it because my dad did iron man the next day. Dad is my iron man champion.

By Karlin

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  1. Great job having a go at something new Karlin! Your Dad is obviously a real inspiration to you. Are you doing Running Club on Tuesdays at school? Your writing was interesting to read and had some fabulous details. Keep up the super work :)