Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Old Cars

Old cars are not like modern cars at all. My family is lucky to have a Plymouth. Ever since I was a baby we have been part of Art Deco. My mum, dad and I are part of the V.C.C (Vintage Car Club).

In the end of  2011 the V.C.C decided to build a new club house because the other one was getting too old. They looked for a new venue and in 2012 and they found somewhere, right next door to the Meanee speedway. Everyday we would have to go over to the new clubrooms and see all the progress. Finally they were finished! A library, lounge, dining room, kitchen and a huge paddock. At the end of 2012 they opened up the car club.

Once a month we have a meeting and do all the old car stuff and so on. It’s really funny because the men swap parts and give each other tips. I hope in the future there will be old cars not only in museums but also hopefully on the road. It’s really cool watching someone have their first experience in an old car. 

We were lucky enough to have the V.C.C come to school and take us for rides around the field. For many of the children this was their first experience in a vintage car and a moment they will remember forever. 

Art deco is a lot of fun, maybe you should go next year to experience it for yourself.

Shona Jenkinson

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  1. Fantastic Shona to hear how you enjoy the old car and the activities we do. I like to see the punctuation you have used! The structure of your story in paragraphs and encouraging other people to try different things. The e-learning last night gave me insight to the world of schools in the new millenium, much different from when I was at school, thanks for sharing
    Sharon, Shona's mum