Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sherman's Struggle

After watching the 'Wing it' video clip from the Literacy Shed, we had to write a newspaper article reporting on the new intention that Sherman had created. Here is Kade's story.

After years of being told he couldn't do it and the death of his father, Sherman has come up with an idea that works just like his father once did."I call it the seaplane" Sherman said. This could be an invention that completes the way of travel for the world."I did this to carry on my fathers work and make him proud and not disappoint him". Who knew that someone from Taupo could build a thing like this. Sherman has said that the night before he came up with the idea he had a dream of some aliens coming and giving him ideas with a device. When we asked him what other inventors should do his reply was "never give up". This may be the biggest invention for 1979.

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