Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pigeon Impossible By Karmen

In this argument I am going to be stating why I think it is Secret Agent Walter Becketts fault for the destruction caused that day. I think that Secret Agent Walter Beckett should acknowledge that it was his fault!

Secret Agent Walter Beckett was teasing the pigeon with his donut. However the bird was being slightly greedy, but I would not blame the pigeon because it only gets little crumbs each day. Pigeons are well known to be scavengers! The thing that really shocked me was that it would have been over and done with if he just gave it all to the pigeon.

When the pigeon fell in the case he didn't know what he was doing! Now the pigeon probably loved pushing buttons because I know I do! Also pushing buttons can be very entertaining! The lights were flashing at him like lightning! Pigeons are mischievous. Plus it was not his fault the look on his face showed me he was stimulated by the lights and sounds. 

This argument has unfortunaly come to a end. To help you understand this situation better go to the literacy shed to watch the movie. I hope you agree with my argument.

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