Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Doc Martens

For my last Genius Hour I decided to do it on Doc Marten boots. Here are some of the facts I found:

Klaus Martens was a doctor in the German Army in World War 2. On leave in 1942 he badly injured his ankle skiing and his army boots were too uncomfortable to wear so he decided to make Doc Martens.

Because of his ankle problems he came up with bouncing soles so that he could work in the army but not feel pain.

Now days instead of Doc Martens you can get Nike Air - but I like doc martens better.

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  1. Hi Shona, I remember the work you put in to your genius hour project, and how much you learnt. I was wondering how the bouncy soles are made and what they are made out of. Also, is there a group of people in England who wear Doc Martens as part of their work uniform? Also, why do you prefer Doc Marten's over Nike Air? Keep up the great work, Sharon (Shona's mum)