Friday, 6 June 2014

Dirt Bikes

Room 14 was lucky enough to learn all about Dirt bikes for Karlin's Genius Hour. 

Karlin researched a lot of information as well as recording what he already knew and presented a fantastic poster that gave all the children in Room 14 a wealth of knowledge about Dirt Bikes. 

He was very excited to be able to share something that he is passionate about with the rest of his class.

To wrap up Karlin's presentation we were able to watch him zooming around the school field. 

Great work Karlin!


  1. Cool dirt bike! Why did you chose dirt bikes for your genius hour? From Reef,Grace and Mya

  2. I did my genius hour on dirt bikes because I really enjoy riding and they are a really popular motor sport. I also find facts about dirt bikes really interesting.