Thursday, 8 May 2014

We are Geniuses about the Nokia 3330 Phone

Nokia phones were invented a VERY long time ago. Nokia 3330s were released in stores in the year 2000, which was 14 years ago. They are more updated than the Nokia 3310's. They can stand up and dance. My one can't dance very well, though. Nokia 100's can only stand up if they are upside down. The Nokia 3330's are twice the width of regular phones. The Nokia 3330 has 17 buttons but the Nokia 100 has 20 buttons. The extra buttons on the nokia100 are the call button, the end button, left and right, and the back button. The Nokia 3330 is one of the most indestructible phones in the world. As they can withstand a sledge hammer but not a blender. Most Nokia phones lie about the battery life. But the Nokia 3330 never lies about the battery life, at least my one. The Nokia can last for, on standby, a whole week!

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