Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saturday Rugby

On Saturday the 2nd of May the H.R.S T-Rex's  played against the H.R.S Spartians.

Before the game we had to do some warm up drills and a team run. We had a hudle before kick off.

HOOOONK! We kicked to the other team and we chaced and we tackled. Jayden played 2nd 5 and wing,Karlin played half back and Brock played number 8.

Then Troyden runs through the middle steps and scores. Coby kicks for goal and gets the conversion.

In the second half we are leading 55 nil. They kicked to us and we ran it up then we heard someone screaming at the bottom of the ruck. It was big D from our team.We got him off the field and we called the ambulance because he was in so much pain.The nurse checked it and he sprained his ankle.

After that we carried on with the game and it was final play.We had a scrum and the back line called hands.We passed the ball out to Jayden and he ran down the sideline and scored.Jayden got last try of the game.

We won the game and the score was 75 to 5.We wished big D good luck and Brock gave the team a lolly pop each and we said goodbye.

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