Thursday, 8 May 2014

PAL Leaders

In the beginning of Term 1 there were some year 5's that got presented with a PAL certificate. To get the certificate we needed to go to PAL training at Pettigrew Green Arena in Taradale. We spent the day there learning different games that we could bring back to school and teach the other kids. A couple of weeks after we got back we were presented the PAL certificates to say we had completed the programme. Now we are officially PAL'S! PAL means Physical Activity Leader. 3 people in my class are PAL'S; Me,Samantha and Shona. As a PAL leader it is our job to orginise a game with our buddy for the juniors every second week. Some of the games could be Dog and Bone, Duck duck goose, Grandmas key, Tanks, stuck in the mud and many more exciting games!

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