Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weetbix TRYathlon

On the 12th of  February Brock and I did the Weetbix TRYathlon. We had to do a length of the Frimley  Aquatic Centre pool, a 5km bike around the block and a 1.5km run around the field at Frimley Park. 

Before the Triathlon there were all kinds of games. I did the hacky-sack throw, the Frisbee throw, and the bike machine. Most of the games were really easy but one was hard, it was the hacky-sack throw. You had to throw a sack at the bowling pins from meters away, if you wanted to get a prize you had to get all the pins down. 

The person on the mic said can everyone please get ready to start so Brock and I started walking over to the pool. When we got there we had to line up in a boys line and a girls line so that they could put us into groups of ten. We watched and watched and then it came up to our turn. The lady went 3, 2, 1 BANG! We were off. We swam as fast as we could around the buoy, Brock was first out of the pool for our year group and I was third out. We jogged to the bikes, put all of our gear on then took off racing down the road. We were already puffed from the first lap so we biked slowly around the second time.

We hopped off our bikes and started jogging. We came to the tree line which meant we were nearly there! We came around the corner and sprinted hard out to the finish line. When we got to the end we got a shiny gold medal and a photo.

By Jayden

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