Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Friendly Dental Ironkids Triathlon

On Sunday the 30th of March it was the Friendly Dental Ironkids Triathlon. I did a 100m swim, 2km cycle, and 1km run. For an individual to enter it was $15. 

I had to pair up with some body for the swim. My buddy and I jumped in the lane pool at Ocean Spas and the lady counted us down from five. Go! Off I went with my buddy. When I finished my swim I felt very dizzy and my arms and legs were tired. 

I ran to transition and dried my body and put my shoes and socks on. I could feel the drips wetting my socks. I hopped on my bike and put my helmet on. When my helmet was on I biked as fast as I could go so I could get on to my run. As I finished the 2km cycle and got into transition to put my bike away my legs started to wobble but I felt fine after I started. 

As I started my run I caught up to Robby so I jogged with him the whole way. But when I got close to the finish I sprinted and bet him to to the finish line. My time was 19 mins and 19 seconds. 

After that I had a big drink and lots of food. Then when I had put all my gear in the car I went for a nice relaxing swim at Ocean Spa.

By Karlin

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