Friday, 4 April 2014


On Thursday the 27th of March, Room 14 started to work on a piece of writing about a song called 'Pompeii'. 

First of all, we watched a music video about the song Pompeii. After we watched the video, we brainstormed our ideas in our focus writing books. Next we went on the iPads and researched about Pompeii and the Mount Vesuvius eruption. We put all our facts into a bubble map. Once we had all of our facts down, we watched the video again and we paused it at different parts and asked questions about the part that we stopped on. When it had finished, we wrote down some more ideas then started writing. 

Here are a couple of finished stories about our Pompeii writing.


Blake's Pompeii Writing from Claire Bojesen-Trepka on Vimeo.
Kade's Pompeii Writing from Claire Bojesen-Trepka on Vimeo.


  1. Kade's writing will be published here on Monday.

  2. Wow Blake what an amazing story, I hope you get to carry it on as I really want to know what happens next!! You may well be a great author when you are older if that is what you wish to be. Such a proud Mum!!

  3. I love your story Kade. Watch out Stephen King I think you might have some competition here. Keep up the fantastic work! Love Mum