Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In the Darkness

In the darkest part of town my brothers were throwing rocks a peoples windows. I covered my ears because the screams were very loud.

I walked away with loneliness in my heart. I climbed up a pipe that led me to the top of the building. The moon light shone on my body when I stood on the edge of the building.

Then I saw a flickering light in the cottage below. I stated to tippy toe towards the cottage, the sign screeched in the swirling whirling wind. I jumped the steps, and walked inside. I heard a snoring sound, I looked around and saw a man sitting on his chair so I climbed onto his chest, he started to sneeze so I blocked his nose.

I saw a beautiful candle, tall and fair, she looked at me and I smiled. I walked up to her and touched her face, I frowned she burnt me. 

Suddenly I back away with fear, it all came back to me, the man, the blow out. She turned her head then she turned to see...I was gone.

I walked back to the building top, my brothers still playing, the burn still stinging. Peering through a crack I saw that she had been blown out, I gasped. In a flash, I ran back to her, I hugged her tightly. Then I heard a THUMP! I turned around and saw a body lying there. It looked just like mine.

It was her, I picked her up and hugged her tight.

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