Monday, 27 April 2015

Battle Field

15th of July 1915. My leg is wounded i'm in a ditch, finally the other soldiers have found me. They put me on a table with wheels and rushed me to the ambulance.

The nurse put a bandage on my leg. 1 month later I was out and about shooting my enemies like there was nothing else to do except fight for my country.

I felt something vibrating and trees getting smashed over like a giant was kicking them down but it was a TANK!

My team told me to come and jump down in the trench with them so as I did that I shot as many people as I could shoot.

Luckily I saw a huge rocket coming straight to my face, I ducked then I told my men we need to dig our way out of here so we dug as fast as we could.

Once we could all fit in the hole we barricaded the entrance, then we dug for quite a while. We finally started digging up and that was were our base was.

If our enemies came through the hole we would have our guns ready.

It was a hard day today with all of the lost lives. When can we go home? Nobody knows.

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