Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Team 3 Swimming Sports

Today was swimming sports and you could even feel excitement in the air. Everybody was rushing around putting chairs in their places for parents to sit on. Mrs Pearse had chosen a couple of people to help put everything in place. Everyone seemed pumped for it and by it I mean swimming sports.

I put my bag away and slowly walked down the steps, I took in the atmasphere then decided to look for my friends. I went back to the pool to check if they were there, they weren't but somebody that I knew was, I said 'hi' to Manu.

I walked off and thought why did I even go there ahhh! Thats right my friends. I went out to the playground and found Grace playing with her sister Bailie and there brother rhyln I played with them for a while and then the bell rang we went back to class and lined up. By this time Tamsyn and Kalia had turned up to school they seemed really excited.

Miss BT turned up we did the roll and daily notices. Miss BT asked if any of us had forgotten our togs a couple of people had but they went to the office and got some togs from the lost and found then we all headed of to the toilet to get changed and go to the loo. We all did just that and returned to get some sun-screen on. The teacher said we should have some early morning tea, we all ate then Miss BT said to get going to the pool. We all seemed nervous but I reminded myself that you get energy from it.

When we got there everything was set up. There were balloons showing were the houses sit and all the chairs where the parents sit were set up. People were rushing around setting things up. We were told to sit down were are houses were, a couple of people were already there we rushed to our places and sat down. I was in green most my friends were in blue but one of my friends was there, Deluca sat down with me.

Now was the waiting time. Deluca was in the noodle race, swim to the middle and pick up a object and free style width. The widths were up first. Deluca was in the width races. I was in the lengths so I had to wait a while. There were 10 width races and 3 lengths. The lengths had finals though.

I was in free-style, back-stroke and breast- stroke lengths ...30 minutes later...finally we lined up in groups the year 4 boys were up first then girls and then boys...and then ME I stepped on to the platform and heard the gun shot go, next minute I was in the pool swimming my heart out. Next thing I remember I was standing in the 1 place position! Then I was being high fived by people in green! A few races later I was being called up for backstroke and then breaststroke. 

I really enjoyed the Mahora School swimming sports. Everyone really got into the chants and were very supportive. I can't wait until next years swimming sports.

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