Monday, 7 September 2015

My Crazy Adventure

Hi my name is Jessica Bloom, I travel all over the world just to take photos of wild life and nature! I live in all sorts of different places but I was born in England on November 25th in 1996. I am 19 years old. At the moment I am on a cruise ship about too make my best MASTERPIECE, a nature magazine.

I was taking photos and then CRASH! The boat smashed into a rock everyone had too evacuate the ship. Me and some others , went the wrong way in the life boat... it took forever too find an island, the others got dizzy and thought they saw an island and swam closer to their picture. No doubt they're gone. I saw an island, I did not feel dizzy so I went closer... I could feel the hot boiling sand tingling between my toes making me itch. I lie there helpless, until something hits my feet.

I looked at it, it was a bottle with paper inside. I took a pen out of my pocket and started to write. A couple of days went past, still nothing to eat. It looked dark, I threw the bottle in to the ocean like a person diving in deep. I dug a little bit of sand and lay down. Hours went by I heard a noise...

Chit Chat Chit. I looked up, a helicopter. They must of got my note.

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  1. Good Moring kaila nice story you wrote it makes it seem like that you are that person on this adventurer From Caleb b and Ben h from the Dream Team.